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conscious, deliberate mistakes.

About the 2007 fest:

Hello, femmeslashers of the world! I'm el_em_en_oh_pee, and I'm going to be your new fem_exchange mod.

Here's a heads-up: the fest will be running again this year, though, due to recent LJ drama, the actual fic and art will probably be posted to InsaneJournal and GreatestJournal. If the decision is made to use these alternate sites, all admin posts will be posted here, including sign-ups, and the headers to the fics will be posted here, with links to the fics on the other site(s). (This is so that participants and watchers need not create journals on these other sites if they want to -- they can comment to the header post with their impressions! I do ask, though, that the content of these comments is kept within the new LJ standards. Know that I will screen any comments that might result in TOSing as soon as they come to my attention, at least temporarily.) Alternately, I might just post R and NC-17-rated stories elsewhere. I would love to hear feedback on this before I make any permanent decisions.

If you have any concerns at all, please feel free to email me ( @ or comment on this entry. I will address any issues you might have, and try to work something out that is satisfactory for everyone. ♥

All participants are required to be of legal age in their country/state of residence.

Request Template (borrowed from hd_holidays). Please be as detailed as possible!

Email (required):
Age Statement(required):
Fiction or artwork (SUBMITTING):
Fiction or artwork (RECEIVING):

For the gift you would like to RECEIVE
Pairings (3-5):
Kinks, genres or special requests:
Squicks/Things you'd hate:
Common Cliches you DO enjoy:
Common Cliches you DO NOT enjoy:
Post-Deathly Hallows preferences:

Two or three prompts for your gift(optional) :
Name of someone you trust (and can keep quiet) that the person creating your gift can contact with questions about your preferences (optional):

For the gift you will be GIVING
Pairings you will write:
Pairings you REFUSE to write:
Kinks/Things you will gladly write/draw:
Kinks/Squicks/Things you REFUSE to write/draw:
Highest rating you will write/draw:
What you will/won't write/draw as far as Deathly Hallows is concerned:
Your writing/drawing strengths, or genre you feel most comfortable writing/drawing:

Oh, right, and I'll host all artwork somehow or another ♥.

eta SO SORRY, I should have been clearer: Sign-ups don't start till the 24th. This is just an information post.
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