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Happy holidays, ever_obsessed! (Pansy/Ginny, PG-13)

Title: Knitting Disasters (and Other Kinds)
Author/Artist: ???
Recipient: ever_obsessed, who likes domestic fluffiness but not with kids, and gave the prompts "yarn" and "bare feet." :)
Rating: PG-13
Length/Medium: 3,067 words
Pairing(s): Pansy/Ginny
Summary: Potter got a tie that Christmas, instead.
Warning(s): None.
Note: Thanks ever so much to my three betas, who shall remain unnamed for now but most definitely not unappreciated. I hope you like this, ever_obsessed!

"Knitting Disasters (and Other Kinds)" on IJ ||| On GJ
Tags: pansy/ginny, pg13
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