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Happy holidays, bribitribbit! (Pansy/Ginny and others, PG)

Title: Bet On It
Author/Artist: ???
Recipient: bribitribbit
Rating: PG?
Length/Medium: ~2200
Pairing(s): Pansy/Ginny, Pansy/Ron, Ginny/Ron (no actual Pansy/Ginny/Ron, sorry :(( ), Susan/Pansy, Susan/Hannah (implied), everyone/everyone basically.
Summary: It all started when Hermione accidentally Accio'd a play from the future.
Warning(s): Crack. High School Musical. Incest(ish). AU as of, like, Goblet of Fire or something. Non-canonical HSM pairings. More genslash than actual femslash. Staunch OOCness, both on the parts of HP and HSM characterizations (Pansy and Ginny are more like Karen and Pamela from the BSC than anything, for the first half. Except not). Sorry :(
Note: bribitribbit, dkhfg. I really really really hope you like this. Also, thanks to my beta, who almost died reading this, because it's so weird.

"Bet On It" on IJ ||| On GJ
Tags: pansy/ginny, pg
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