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The time has come!

Again, I'd like to thank kethelenda and acidpop25 for stepping up in the face of dropouts, and sappholococcus and acidpop25 for their oceans of help.

ever_obsessed wrote Patience for such_heights

bribitribbit wrote Knitting Disasters (and Other Kinds) for ever_obsessed

queencheesecake wrote Unconventional for anandrine

acidpop25 wrote Conversations in a Madhouse for sappholococcus

harpsi_fizz drew Love and Pride & Welcome Home (2 art pieces) for queencheesecake

joeyjames wrote Fantasy versus Reality for bitterfig

nema_rasa wrote Misconceptions for meteoritecrater

bitterfig wrote Dear Narcissa for sporadic__

anandrine wrote (A Way To Escape) Ordinary Days for [Bad username: harpsi_fizz:]

speckofinfinity wrote Two Women, Three Broomsticks for nema_rasa

_afterism wrote Enisle for pinch hitters

meteoritecrater wrote Silence for 7shotsofjaeger

such_heights wrote Rainstorms for acidpop25

redshoeson wrote I Once Was Lost for _afterism

sporadic__ wrote The World Spins Madly On for augustepiphany

augustepiphany wrote All I Need for brightflower / crimsonchaos

kethelenda wrote All The Violet Tiaras for redshoeson

el_em_en_oh_pee wrote Bet On It for bribitribbit

sweetcarolanne wrote Return to Sin for pinch hitters

crimsonchaos (brightflower) wrote Personal Journalism for el_em_en_oh_pee

7shotsojaeger wrote Fantasy for speckofinfinity

sappholococcus wrote she loves me, he loves me not for joeyjames

acidpop25 wrote Les Anges for sweetcarolanne

alicia/katie - 1 use
bellatrix/andromeda - 1 use
bellatrix/luna - 1 use
bellatrix/morag - 1 use
bellatrix/narcissa - 1 use
cho/marietta - 1 use
gabrielle/fleur - 2 uses
ginny/luna - 3 uses
ginny/tonks - 1 use
hermione/bellatrix - 1 use
hermione/luna - 1 use
hermione/narcissa - 1 use
hermione/pansy - 2 uses
hooch/burbage - 1 use
katie/alicia - 1 use
luna/cho - 1 use
luna/hermione - 1 use
luna/morag - 1 use
mcgonagall/hooch - 1 use
millicent/pansy - 1 use
padma/luna - 1 use
pansy/ginny - 2 uses
romilda/hannah - 1 use
tonks/ginny - 1 use

g - 2 uses
pg - 3 uses
pg13 - 8 uses
r - 5 uses
m - 1 use
nc17 - 4 uses

thank you all, and I hope to see everyone again next year!

Tags: ! admin, big reveal
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