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It's about that time again...

Hello, everyone! Two important notes about this year's exchange:

1. el_em_en_oh_pee has abdicated her mod post this year, so I, acidpop25, will be stepping in to run the exchange this time around, though el_em_en_oh_pee will still be helping out. The fest will still run in the same format, so no need to worry about any crazy changes.

2. Sign-ups are on the horizon, so plan accordingly! They'll begin on August 24th and close on August 31st or if/when we reach 50 participants, whichever comes first. You'll then get your assignments by September 12th and have until December 12th to write. Complete rules can be found in the community info, and you can also direct any additional questions to me in comments or via email (fem.exchange@gmail.com).
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