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Happy holidays, pettybureaucrat! (Fleur/Hermione)

Title: Vacation
Author: ?
Recipient: pettybureaucrat.
Rating: R
Length: 2,773
Pairing(s): Fleur/Hermione (parallel Ron/Hermione and Bill/Fleur).
Summary: Ron and Hermione visit Bill and Fleur at Shell Cottage for a much-needed vacation. To her surprise, Hermione finds much more than peace and quiet there.
Warning(s): Scenes of non-explicit sexual nature. Canon-compliant, though it does suggest that Bill and Fleur had Victoire way later than JKR said they did, as they are childless when this story takes place.
Notes: This is my first femmeslash fic, and I really hope you like it. I’ve tried to squeeze in most of your kinks and requests, so hopefully this is close to what you had in mind. Thank you, mods, for running this exchange and giving me the little extra time that I needed to get this done! Sorry for all the trouble. ♥ Also, I tried to study the books very carefully to get the phonetic spellings of the way Fleur speaks, but forgive me if somewhere it’s not spot on.

"Vacation" on IJ
Tags: fleur/hermione, r
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