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fem_exchange is a holiday exchange of Harry Potter femslash fanfiction and art. In other words, if you want to participate you will create either a piece of writing or art for the person you are assigned. In return you will get one from someone different.

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In the sign up post please comment in this format:

Email (required):
Submitting (fiction or art):
Receiving (fiction, art, or either):
Pairings you will write/draw (two or more):
Pairings you want to receive (two or more):
What you don't want to receive (squicks/certain plots/ect.):
What you want to receive (be as descriptive as you want):
What you won't/can't write/draw:

* All fiction must be no shorter than 1,000 words and spell-checked (preferably beta read).
* All html that you want (italic, bold, underline, ect.) must be included when you email it. The fiction will go up exactly as it is when I get it.
* If you realize there is a mistake with your submission, of if you've made corrections, you may email me the fixed copy up until the beginning of the posting.
* I will host all art.
* All submissions are due by December 12th, though you can email it anytime before that.
* After all fic and art is posted there will be a big reveal where everyone will find out who made them their gift. After that post you may put your work anywhere or do whatever you want with it. Before the reveal you may not because this is anonymous.
* Please email me the submissions at fem.exchange @ gmail.com. Any questions or comments can be emailed there, too.

August 24th -- sign up begins
August 31st -- end of sign up
September 12th -- assignments mailed out
December 12th -- all fiction and art due by email
December 15th -- posting starts